About US

Nalin Abeywikrama, the core founder of S and A Associates Group of Company, established the company in 2004, when the economy was about to thrive along with the civil war reconciliation in Sri Lanka. It was the time that people in Sri Lanka saw the bright side of businesses.

Accepting every challenge in his life as a blessing, Mr Abeywikrama gave a solution for construction field, in which there was a gap in location from supplier to customer. Therefore, he invested in construction in both business and housing provinces.

In addition, he discovered that demand for high-rise building was to accelerate as people found it inconvenient and expensive to find settlements in urban domain. Thus, high-rise building for a reasonable and reliable price was the opportunity that Mr Abeywikrama thought in finding a solution for those rural dwellers. Hence, his investment in building apartments was begun.

Moreover, along with urbanization, suburbanization and counter-urbanization popped up, and people in every domain searched for freedom in breathing in blue water. Thus, swimming pool concept was established in his group of companies.

Furthermore, luxurious vehicle renting was started soon after the swimming pool notion, when people ideology from personal vehicle for everything got changed into hiring a vehicle in journeys from airport to funerals, with respect to the convenience.

Not only that, but also using his passion for sustainable growth, Ferrowlac was introduced to make the planet green in producing non-toxic food grade coating.

Mr Abeywikrama’s mission was not only for the above mentioned sectors, but also in software development. He foresaw the future rising demand in software development and started his software firm in Sri Lanka and a branch in Bangladesh. Our constant research and progress aids our clients in numerous ways. We come up with solutions whenever you want to start or enlarge your business, try out new projects etc. Our massive experience across many industries will safeguard that you get the supreme return on investment of your IT budget by installing our systems in every aspect of your business.

Managing Director’s Message

“Remembering the hard and dedicated work that I have put into S and A Associates Group of Companies, it is a great pleasure for me thank our valued customers locally and globally. Without relaxing both in triumph and downturn, I make sure may customers are relaxed and walk away from our premise with a contended smile. With the unstinted support that I have received from my team, I am looking forward to see how S and A Associates Group of Companies will strive to take the name to even greater heights, both locally and globally.”


To be an exceptional global entrepreneur


To achieve sustainable growth while condoning socio-economic and environmental challenges