S and A Construction

S and A Construction, began with a mission to construct with safety and fineness in mind. In such a small, but effective time scale, S and A Construction nurtured a reputation for excellence with consistently in well-constructed projects.

RCC Retaining Walls

S and A Construction proudly provides the best retaining walls, constructed with masonry as well as reinforced concrete. In case of masonry retaining wall, we make sure increase in thickness of the wall by increasing their height because masonry resists the lateral pressure by its weight. Moreover, S and A Construction assure the quality of reinforced concrete retaining walls by resisting the lateral pressure by structural action such as bending and results in thinner section.

Pool Construction

S and A Construction provides its clients a premium quality swimming pool experience at the best possible price. We provide our clients the opportunity to design their own pool or if they wish, they can easily pick a well-engineered swimming pool design from our stylish portfolio. We take pride in harnessing technology to work more effectively and efficiently, providing our clients the best quality swimming pools in less time, and at the lowest cost.


S and A Construction apartments connect you with the nature in making precious memories. We provide you the opportunity to create a lifetime luxurious elegant experience. Our design apartments are created to suit our clients’ lifestyle to live, work and play.

Reinforcement Work

S and A Construction is pioneers in using modern building materials-mixing cement, sand, and aggregating them with water to form any shape, giving it an inherent advantage over other materials. Our specialized steel reinforcement is available in the form of plain steel bars, deformed steel bars, cold-drawn wire, welded wire, fabric, and deformed welded wire fabric.

Steel structure building

S and A Constructions specializes in consulting, designing, fabricating and erecting of high-quality pre-engineered steel building and steel structure products. As a proud partner in steel structure building industry, we have executed more than 65 steel buildings across the island since 2012. S and A Constructions provides its clients full steel structures such as factory, warehouse, high-rise building, heavy industry, shopping mall, exhibition centers, infrastructure.

Underground construction

S and A Constructions is a specialized non explosive demolition Agent. Our main tasks are Mining, Rock Excavation, and Concrete Demolition. As a specialized agent in the industry, S and A Constructions provide its expertness throughout the island and has the extensive know-how of this Stone & Rock Cutting Powder which is suitable for Concrete Demolition. S and A Construction is one of the only agents which provides the so-called Non Explosive Demolition Powder which has an extensive capacity to demolish and break rocks and concrete.

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