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Who We Are ?

S and A Associates Group of Companies, founded in 2010, began with an operation to sustainably craft different projects-commercial and residential buildings, real estate, green coating, swimming pool and different types of walls construction- with safety and fineness in mind. In such a small, but effective time scale, S and A Associates Group of Companies nurtured a reputation for excellence with consistently in well-constructed projects.

S and A Construction has been a trusted partner for one decade not only in construction of structures, but also providing its clients cost effective design alternatives that help maintain the project budget. In addition, S and A continuously helps its clients by pursing new lean alternatives to conventional means and methods, exemplifying our experience from planning to construction.

Elegance and client-based-customization

All types of designs of S and A Associates Group of Companies stand out among other designs because of ‘elegance’ and ‘client-based-customization’ in its designs. We are the pioneers in providing our clients with the service to design their own dream with our Chartered Architects. Moreover, once the client believes in our expertness, s/he has access to our hundreds of outstanding design portfolio and contractors’ list to select preferred design and a contractor.


S and A Associates Group of Companies provides the most reasonable prices by using the advance value engineering principle, while increasing the overall design value and reducing all irrelevant cost. In addition, we possess a competitive bargaining power

Competitive Rates

S and A Associates Group of Companies utilizes advance Value Engineering principles during the designing process to limit unnecessary costs while maintaining the highest quality and increasing your overall design value. As a professional designer in construction industry, we possess a very high bargaining power to give its client the best price.

Social Responsibilities

S and A Social Center is purely involved in helping the needy in terms of Charity, Community Service and Training for needy children.